Access Request Form (ARF)

Access Request Forms

IT Provisioning & Requests (formerly Data Security) manages Access Request Forms (ARFs). To request new or expanded system access, visit IT Provisioning & Requests for instructions and forms.


Access Request FAQs

What is a Key Contact?
The role of the Key Contacts is to guide and approve ARFs for staff in their college or unit. They also serve as a resource for questions about FERPA and training requirements.
Who is my student systems Key Contact?
See the list of Key Contacts who guide and approve ARFs for staff in their college or unit. 
What do I get access to with Student Data Inquiry (SDI)?
See a list of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions pages you may view after completing Student Data Inquiry training.
What training should I do to get the access I need?
Contact ASR Continuity and Compliance at