Final grade reporting FAQ

How do I enter my final grades?

Can I upload grades from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

Yes. First, you must save your spreadsheet as a .csv file. When you are ready to upload your file, click on the ‘grade upload’ button in the Grade Roster. For additional instructions, see the How do I Upload link on the Grade Roster in Faculty Center, or read more about uploading grades

I don’t see my class. How can I enter grades?

If the class you are teaching is not listed in your Faculty Center, you should contact your department scheduler to verify that you have the proper permissions for the class.

How do I change grades that have been posted to students’ records?

Follow the instructions in this guide: How to change a grade.

Why are grades due so soon after the end of the term? What happens if I don’t turn them in on time?

Students are always anxious to find out their grades for courses. In addition, a number of important processes depend on final grades. The impact of late grades can be very serious. Students may:

  • Face probation or suspension by their college
  • Face probation or suspension of financial aid
  • Lose athletic eligibility
  • Lose scholarships
  • Face delay of graduation
  • Face delay of tuition reimbursement
  • Risk termination of Veteran's Administration benefits
  • Risk loss of honors status
  • Have their admission to a graduate program postponed
  • Lose their good-student insurance discount
  • Lose job opportunities
  • Students who are teachers may be prevented from professional lane changes.

Can I approve a grade roster that doesn’t have all the grades entered?

No, all grades must be entered on a grade roster before it can be approved and then posted to students’ records. Any grade rosters that are not complete after the grading due date will be administratively approved, a NR (Not Reported) will be administratively entered for any students who do not have a grade entered, and grades will be posted to students’ records.

What does "Last Date of Participation" mean?

When a student earns a grade of 'F' or 'N,' the extent to which that student's financial aid is affected depends upon the last day of participation in that class. When a student has received federal Title IV financial aid, the Office of Student Finance at the University of Minnesota is required by federal regulation to confirm that the student completed the term and earned the grade, or determine the student's last date of participation. Federal regulation requires that the University of Minnesota cancel 50 percent of the student's federal Title IV funds if no course participation can be determined.

The following academically related activities DO count toward the last date of participation:

  • Physically attending a class that enables direct interaction between the instructor and students
  • Submitting an academic assignment
  • Taking/submitting an exam
  • Taking an interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction
  • Participating in an online discussion about academic matters
  • Initiating contact with a faculty member to ask questions about the course subject matter
  • Attending an assigned study group

The following activities DO NOT count toward the last date of participation:

  • Logging into an online component of the course without active participation
  • Participating in academic counseling or advisement

Do I have to include a "Last Date of Participation" for every student?

The last date of participation is required when any student earns a grade of 'F' or 'N.' A last date of participation must be included for all students receiving an 'F' or 'N' grade before a grade roster can be submitted.

What if I don't know when the student's last date of participation was?

Instructors must determine the last date of participation to the best of their ability, with the understanding that the last day of participation will be the last day the student attended or participated in class. For many faculty and instructors, it will be easiest to determine this date by using the last date the student submitted required coursework, including online coursework. When a student has participated through final exams and earned an 'F' or 'N' grade, the exam date should be entered. If the student never attended or participated in any way, the instructor should use the start date of the session in which the class is scheduled or the date of the first class meeting.

Instructors can use Canvas to help determine the last date a student engaged in a Canvas course.

What if the student receives an 'I' and then earns an 'F' later?

The assignment of an 'I' or Incomplete grade requires a written agreement between the instructor and student specifying the time and manner in which the student will complete the course requirements. If an 'I' grade was previously awarded and the student has subsequently earned an 'F' or 'N' grade, then the last date of participation will not be required.

If the instructor and student discuss and agree to an incomplete grade, the student must submit an Incomplete Grade Contract.

Can I use my phone or iPad to enter grades?

Yes, you can use a mobile device (tablet or phone) to enter grades. However, Faculty Center is not optimized for use with mobile devices, so using one may be less aesthetically pleasing and could present some anomalies.

Can I submit grades after the deadline?

Yes, but you will need to do so on a student by student basis. Follow the instructions in this guide to submit grades after the deadline: How to change a grade.

What do I do if a student is on my grade roster who has never attended the class?

If a student has registered for a course, but has not completed any of the coursework, the appropriate grade for that student is "F." You may not leave this student's grade blank. You will not be allowed to approve your grade roster without entering a grade for each student on the roster.

What do I do if a student who attended my class isn’t on the grade roster?

If a student has been attending your class and completing the required work, but does not appear on your roster, then that student is not officially registered for the class. University policy states that students are not permitted to sit in classes for which they are not registered. You cannot request that the student be added to the course.


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