APLUS tutorials and job aid

What is APLUS?

A system that helps those who work with students advise them more effectively by capturing a large amount of relevant information in one place.

For advisors:

When working in APLUS, you’ll find:

  • A list of your advisees
  • Students' academic information (major, courses, credits, GPA, and more)
  • Alert and Warning indicators
  • A record of contacts with students and a place for notes
  • Interactive connection with Google calendar
  • Web scheduling capabilities

For instructors: 

APLUS allows instructors to submit academic alerts to students in undergraduate classes and their advisors, such as mid-term grades and other course feedback.

When working in APLUS, you’ll be able to: 

  • Access a list of your students in each of your classes. 
  • Provide feedback about students’ grades, attendance, assignments, and participation.
  • Look up and email a student’s academic advisor directly. 


How to use APLUS

Get access to APLUS

Information on requirements for gaining access to APLUS.

Get started with APLUS

Features of the APLUS system and many of its operations.

Get started with the Calendar

Brief guide to walk you through APLUS/Google Calendar functionality.

Get started with Web Scheduling

Directions on how to get started with the student scheduling process.