Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar (OTR) manages all aspects of current and historical student academic records. As stewards of the University’s academic records, we ensure accuracy and integrity, protect student data, and enforce the standards set by University policies and procedures, and state and federal laws.

OTR is made up of four teams: academic records, imaging and files, graduate education records, and quality assurance. Each serve as a resource for students, faculty, and staff. 

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Academic records

The academic records team is responsible for the maintenance of the current student records including:

  • Inter-University and Intra-University transfers
  • Non-degree registration processing 
  • Degree posting for undergraduate and professional degrees
  • Degree/enrollment certifications and documentation

Graduate education records

The graduate education records team specializes in the maintenance of records for graduate education students and can assist with questions related to:

  • Milestone paperwork review and processing
  • Doctoral prelim and final oral exam scheduling
  • Transfer credit processing for graduate education students
  • GPAS review
  • Degree clearance and posting

Images and files

The imaging and files team is responsible for historical student records and imaging student records documents. They can assist with questions related to:

  • Duplicate ID resolution for students and Parent/Guest Access records
  • Converting paper records to PeopleSoft, our student information system
  • Managing imaging processes for forms submitted across ASR and maintaining imaging workflows

Quality assurance team

The quality assurance team is responsible for using queries and other tools to identify and correct student records data errors. The team writes ad hoc queries for entities, both internal and external to ASR and the University, to provide student data not found in Reporting Center. Additionally, the team performs mass updates to students’ records, such as milestone and service indicator updates, degree posting, and repeated class processing.

OTR Training and Support

The OTR Training & Support team provides comprehensive training, production support, and documentation for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and related web applications on all University of Minnesota campuses. 

  • Records and Enrollment pages 
  • ECAS Electronic Course Application System
  • PCAS Program Curriculum Approval System
  • Reporting Center (Student Services reports)
  • Advisor Center
  • Faculty Center 
  • Grades upload and entry