About the UPK

How to use UPK tutorials

The User Productivity Kit (UPK) is a tool that allows you to view tutorials, try processes, and download printable job aids. They are are available on this page and directly in the “Help” button in PeopleSoft.

Watch a video excerpt from training about how to use UPKs at z.umn.edu/learnupk or download the UPK guide (pdf).

How can I use UPK to get help?

Step 1: Expand and select the topic of your choice

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Step 2: Select a Mode: See It!, Try It!, or Print It!

There are three different modes you can choose from to see your tutorial:

step 3

See It!

See It! mode enables you to watch an animated, movie-like demonstration of tasks being performed in a simulated environment. You can use Enter on your keyboard to advance the video, or let it play on its own. Note that some processes require extra explanation, so we’ve automatically paused those for you to read at your own pace in See It! mode. Just hit Enter on your keyboard to advance.

In See It! mode, you also have the ability to pause the tutorial and resume later. Use the blue "Pause" link in the bottom, right corner of the bubble while watching to stop the tutorial.

Try It!

Try It! mode enables you to learn interactively as the simulation guides you through the process with specific step-by-step instructions. Use your mouse to follow the directions in the bubbles and successfully complete the topic, or press Enter on your keyboard to skip through steps.

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From within the Try It! mode, if you miss a step, you have the option to go back by clicking the "Actions" link in the top bar of the bubble and selecting "Previous Step." You may also restart the tutorial, jump to the next step, display the overview concept screen (which appears before beginning a tutorial), edit preferences, open basic help instructions, or close the tutorial.

Print It!

Print It! mode enables you to view and print processes from the tutorial. Select a tutorial, then the Print It! button to keep a digital copy of the process, which will download as a Microsoft Word doc.