Tuition Attribution Upgrade

The tuition attribution process manages a roughly one billion dollar annual revenue stream for the University of Minnesota. The process relies on legacy tuition tables, reports and institutional knowledge for support and maintenance. The Tuition Attribution Upgrade (TAU) will address technology concerns and work towards more effective reporting and analytics.

The objectives of this project include:

  • Reducing dependency on UM Reports and the Legacy Data Warehouse. 
  • Reducing complexity and bring transparency to the tuition attribution process.
  • Enhancing connected data, reporting, and analytics for use by the entire University community.

Updates: For the most recent updates on the Tuition Attribution Upgrade project, view our Project Status dashboard.

Governance: View the Tuition Attribution Upgrade's governance structure.


Phase 1 (FY20): Business Process Analysis and Redesign:

  • Document the as-is end-to-end tuition attribution process and business rules.
  • Gather requirements from the University community on tuition reporting and data analysis needs through outreach and investigation.
  • Assess possibilities and opportunities for enhanced reporting
  • Recommend to-be process and reporting/analytics structure and outline priorities for Year 2 development.

Phase 2 (FY21+): Technology, Reporting and Analytics Upgrade:

  • Build out the first iteration of the Tuition Attribution subject area in the EDW, which includes all data available in DWTA
  • Convene the Tuition Reports Advisory Group to help prioritize data and reporting needs
  • Create and release initial tuition attribution reports