The  Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) generates reports for undergraduate (and some certificate) students and their advisors. An APAS report lists degree requirements, summarizes a student's progress, and explains what they need to do to complete their declared degree.

APAS draws its information from the official student record. Each time the report is processed it contains the most up-to-date information.

Students are encouraged to check their APAS report at the following times:

  • When they register for classes
  • When they change their registration (i.e., drop or swap a class)
  • Before they meet with their advisor
  • When they are ready to apply to graduate
  • After grades are posted

They can also run a "What-if" APAS report to see how their completed and/or in-progress coursework fits with the current requirements of any degree program.

Staff with APAS access can also view these APAS reports to help advise students. Some staff have additional access to make exceptions to the degree requirements for a student.